More Maitri, Inc. is a non-profit human service agency dedicated to providing supports and services to persons with developmental and intellectual disabilities. 

Founded on the principle of Maitri, More Maitri Inc. is based on a philosophy of a loving-kindness towards all, beginning with oneself. 

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More Maitri, Inc. offers a variety of residential services, including PCA's,  and Host Homes to the suit the needs of individuals and families of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

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Day Program

Maitri Multi Media is an art and music center day program for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, that utilizes a wide variety of tools to increase communication skills, community, empathy, self-esteem, and a broad variety of healthy coping skills. 


Behavioral Services

More Maitri, Inc. offers a variety of behavioral services that can be tailored to the needs of each individual. Call to schedule a consultation today.