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More Maitri Inc.’s residential program is approved by Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing  and is funded via the Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver. We believe all individuals have basic rights and responsibilities, and one of these rights is to live in the least restrictive setting possible so each of us can be independent, contributing members of society. To that end More Maitri, Inc. offers the following options:


Personal Care Alternatives (PCAs), are homes with 3 or less individuals with intellectual disabilities living together. More Maitri’s PCAs are staffed full time evenings and weekends.


More Maitri also provides independent living PCAs, which are not staffed, but rather are supervised by Maitri staff to ensure the individual or individuals are safe and are building the lives they wish.


PCAs can be developed for individual needs, such as in an independent apartment, or a home with up to three residents.

Host Homes 

Host Homes is where an individual with intellectual disabilities moves into a household with another person and/or family who becomes their provider(s). There are several different options for this service, so if you have any questions please contact More Maitri Inc. 


If you would like to talk about whether a PCA or Host Home is right for you, please call:


(303) 482-1339


More Maitri, Inc.

720 W 84th Ave Suite 224

Thornton, CO 80260



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