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Maitri Multi-Media

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Day Program

Maitri Multi-Media Day Program is designed to incorporate a variety of art forms, methods, and mediums to encourage increased communication, coping, and expression skills, to build independence and a sense of community through individualized and group creative projects within the program itself and within the community. 


Maitri Multi Media incorporates a variety of musical tools, including analog instruments such as drums and guitars, as well as digital music production techniques covering a wide variety of genres. Through utilization of these tools it is the intent of Maitri Multi-Media Day Program to give people an opportunity to enhance quality of life, as well as to develop better ways to channel emotions, anxiety, and stress, while also providing a creative outlet.


Focusing on art in many forms as a means of expression, creative release, and a stress reducer,  Maitri Multi-Media provides participants with hands on experience with a variety of creative tools, both traditional and more modern, from painting, drawing, and photography, to photo manipulation, printing, and numerous other digital art mediums. 


Mindfulness is the practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental and compassionate state of awareness over one’s physical, mental, and emotional experiences. Mindfulness combines three primary components: intention, attention, and attitude. In More Maitri’s mindfulness groups, participants learn to intentionally use attention (observing, witnessing, and noticing) to focus on the the present moment-to-moment experience and to cultivate an attitude of kindness and compassion towards oneself (and others). Some practices include guided: yoga, body scan, progressive muscle relaxation, hypnosis, visualization, positive affirmation, loving-kindness (Maitri), and many more!



Providing much of the backbone of the program, the use of a wide variety of technology and video will help to familiarize the participants with modern methods of film, music, and art production, as well as providing them with a chance to create individual and group projects that they can in turn share with the world, if they so desire.

Using video as a way of combining all of the other skills and facets of the program together, Maitri Multi-Media will focus on the many skills, techniques, and genres of filmmaking, while giving participants a chance to get  behind the scenes, while working on a variety of projects. 


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D54EA23B-7AB3-4E4D-8FAA-37933A47A427 2

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