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Are you:
-Looking for a non-traditional job to fit with your busy class schedule?
-Looking for a job that will allow you to directly enhance the lives of others while working for a Non-Profit company?

If so, then we may have the perfect position for you! The job description and requirements are listed below.



Residential Direct Care Staff Description
Residential Direct Care Staff work with developmentally and intellectually disabled individuals in their home setting teaching residents basic living skills. They assist with cooking, assisting clients with various appointments, and helping with other living skills like doing laundry, cooking, personal hygiene, and personal life goals.

-Daily documentation and tracking
- Supervising and observing participants at all times to ensure their safety and to make sure they are not exhibiting harmful behavior to self or others
- Informal counseling as needed
- Teaching problem solving, conflict resolution and life skills
- Transportation
- Work with participants on projects with an understanding of each consumer’s pace and developmental needs and the positive outcomes it will provide
- Learn and use participants’ historical information, behavior plans, and reoccurring trends as a tool to help their progress in achieving their goals
- Counsel with the participants as necessary, facilitate group discussions, and document engagement
- Be creative, come up with new projects, ideas, tasks, etc. to engage in with participants
- Take the lead, but allow room for your participants to direct his creative process
- Cleaning, cooking, assisting with laundry and other household tasks
- Medication Administration

**More Maitri, Inc. will provide the Colorado state-required training for the position listed including: QMAP (Medication Administration, CPR/First Aid, and CPI (Non-Violent Crisis Intervention)**

** This position may also require transporting clients to and from their scheduled appointments as needed. We do reimburse for mileage! **

Image by Annie Spratt

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or send in your resumé to our office, fax, or email at :


Office Location: 720 W 84th Ave Suite 224

 Thornton, CO 80260 

Phone: 303-482-1339
FAX: 303-429-1032



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